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Lord of the Streets

5.3 average rating
English / 85 MIN. / 2022

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The Synopsis

When Jason Dyson refuses to make his prized fighter throw an MMA match, a notorious gangster collects his debt by killing the fighter and kidnapping Jason's daughter. Now he must train a prisoner to endure five consecutive underground fights to save her.

The Cast

TreachQuinton JacksonKhalil Rountree Jr.Anderson SilvaRichard GriecoA.J. McKeeGigi GustinMeredith ThomasAshley DorisFrankie CullenRigan MachadoMichelle NgSean BerubeHana GiraldoJesse O'NeillDerek OcampoMichael GierJarrid MasseTed SternerKeith SutliffEdward StasikNiki J. CrawfordC.J. GibsonJoseph W. EvansRyan GanglCharlit DaeAyhan TongadurJubal Ace KohnLeigh PollittDaniel L. RiveraDom PoniacAngelo BaxterTy LewisFatih UgurluChanda AmJacques MordokiEd Nathan MecateMike JoslinEric ShankerSonni BlakAndres Castillo